IHS Portable Stressing Pumps – Battery Powered


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Enerpac XC Cordless Pump

The IHS supplied Enerpac XC Cordless Pump is an ideal pump to use with our small to medium sized stressing  and jacking equipment. Perfect for use in remote locations or on sites with limited or no access to power. The IHS XC Cordless Pump can be used with single acting or double acting hydraulic equipment.


  • Light weight and portable.
  • Bladder reservoir which allows use in any position and protects against contamination.
  • 28V Lithium-Ion battery with 1 hour quick charge.
  • 3-way/2-position or 4-way/3-position directional control valve.
  • Adjustable relief port.
  • Safety lock feature


Pump: 0.25 L/min @ 700 bar
Reservoir: 2.0 litres
Dimensions: 462mm x 208mm x 285mm


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Enerpac XC Cordless (3-way, 2-pos), Enerpac XC Cordless (4-way, 3-pos)

A Port Coupler

Male (M), Female (F)

B Port Coupler

Male (M), Female (F), N/A (0)

Gauge Port Coupler

Male (M), Female (F), No Coupler(X)