IHS Portable Stressing Pumps – 240V


Product Description

IHS PE554 Pump


  • Light weight and portable.
  • 4-way/3-position tandem centre manual valve.
  • Advance, hold and return functions.
  • Bleed down valve to allow controlled pressure release.
  • 3.1m remote motor control.
  • Fully customisable to meet your site requirements.


Motor: 0.84 kW / 220 V / 50 Hz / 1P
15 A / 12000 rpm
Pump: 0-700 bar / 11.5-0.92 L/min
Reservoir: 8.6 L (Usable)
Oil: ISO 46
Dimensions: 391mm x 241mm x 550mm
Weight: 23kg (Dry)

Enerpac ZU Pump

The IHS supplied Enerpac ZU Pump has been especially designed to suit Australian conditions. It is an ideal 240V portable pump to use with our small to large sized stressing and jacking equipment.


  • High efficiency two speed pump.
  • Powerful 1.25kW electric motor.
  • Manual 4-way/3-position directional control valve.
  • Bleed down valve.
  • Safety lock feature


Pump: 1.0 L/min @ 700 bar
Motor: 1.25kW, Single Phase 240VAC
Reservoir: 8.0 litres
Dimensions: 630mm x 267mm x 424mm
Weight: 32kg

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Additional Information


IHS PE554, Enerpac ZU

Valve Type

Standard (S), Hydraulic Nose (H)

A Port Coupler

Male (M), Female (F)

B Port Coupler

Male (M), Female (F)

Gauge Port Coupler

Male (M), Female (F), No Coupler(X)

Hydraulic Nose Port Coupler

Male (M), Female (F), N/A (0)