IHS Force Calibration Laboratory

Product Description

IHS has the equipment, personnel and experience to calibrate a wide range of hydraulic jacks & cylinders. Our dedicated force calibration laboratory has the ability to calibrate up to 7,500kN with NATA accreditation, however, we can calibrate to 10,000kN without NATA accreditation above 7,500kN.
This service is available for new orders, MEG overhauled jacks & cylinders and field equipment. All field equipment is inspected and tested prior to calibration.

ISO/IEC 17025 (2017) Accreditation

McMillan Engineering Group is NATA accredited in the following fields.

with Calibration and Measurement Capability of –
Calibration of devices used in Pre and Post Tension Stressing and Jacking Systems in compression
0.45 kN from 11 kN to 300 kN,
and classifying force-measuring systems to:
Class A from 110 kN to 300 kN
Class B from 55 kN to 300 kN
Class C from 55 kN to 300 kN
36 kN from 300 kN to 4500 kN and
64 kN from 4500 kN to 7500 kN
and classifying force-measuring systems to:
Class A from 1050 kN to 7500 kN,
Class B from 525 kN to 7500 kN
Class C from 525 kN to 7500 kN.​

Accreditation No.: 19004


  • Dedicated calibration laboratory
  • Mono Jack (300kN) Calibration Rig
  • 500T (5,000kN) Calibration Rig
  • 1000T (10,000kN) Calibration Rig

The Future

We are currently working towards calibration of jacks and cylinders up to 30,000kN. This will include a purpose built test rig and NATA accreditation.
Once complete we will be the only site in Australia with the ability to calibrate to this level.

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