IHS 25T Mono Stressing Jack


Product Description

We designed the IHS 25T Mono Stressing Jack for a wide range of wire and strands for the prestressing and post tensioning industries.


  • Wide range of stroke and wire options.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Double acting –  hydraulic extend, hydraulic retract.
  • Front gripping design.
  • Anti rotation standard on 0025-12, 0025-18 & 0025-24 models.
  • Can be fitted with flat, solid, spring loaded or hydraulic noses.
  • Suits 5, 7, 9.6, 12.7, 15.2 & 15.7 strand.
  • Durable enamel paint.

IHS 25T Mono Stressing Jack Nose Options

  • L05: Spring Loaded nose – Suits 5mm wire
  • L07: Spring Loaded nose – Suits 7mm wire
  • L09: Spring Loaded nose – Suits 9.6mm wire
  • L13: Spring Loaded nose – Suits 12.7mm strand
  • L13S: Solid nose – Suits 12.7mm strand
  • L13H: Hydraulic nose – Suits 12.7mm strand
  • L13F: Flat nose – Suits 12.7mm strand
  • L15: Spring Loaded nose – Suits 15.2/15.7mm strand
  • L15S: Solid nose – Suits 15.2/15.7mm strand
  • L15H: Hydraulic nose – Suits 15.2/15.7mm strand
  • L15F: Flat nose – Suits 15.2/15.7mm strand

We supply the IHS 25T Mono Stressing Jack fitted with a tail pipe to guide the wire/strand and an internal wedge to suit the chosen nose.

Every IHS 25T Mono Stressing Jack is factory tested to ISO 10100 specification with ISO 9001 traceability.

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Additional Information


6", 8", 12", 18", 24"


Spring Loaded Nose Ø5mm Wire (L05), Spring Loaded Nose Ø7mm Wire (L07), Spring Loaded Nose Ø9.6mm Wire (L09), Solid Nose Ø12.7mm Strand (L13S), Spring Loaded Nose Ø12.7mm Strand (L13), Hydraulic Nose Ø12.7mm Wire (L13H), Solid Nose Ø15.2/15.7mm Strand (L15S), Spring Loaded Nose Ø15.2/15.7mm Strand (L15), Hydraulic Nose Ø15.2/15.7mm Wire (L15H), Flat Nose Ø12.7/15.2/15.7 Strand (LF)

Extension Coupler

Male (M), Female (F), No Coupler (X)

Retraction Coupler

Male (M), Female (F), No Coupler (X)