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Eastlink Precast Yard – Morwell, Victoria

IHS Stress Bed

We designed and manufactured various components for the 1200T & 800T Stress Beds.

1200T System

  • 2 x Custom IHS-0600-16-DA Jacks
  • 11kW, 8lpm, Split Flow, 120L Custom HPU
  • 25T, 24″ IHS Mono Stressing Jacks

800T System

  • 2 x Custom IHS-0400-12-DA Jacks
  • 5.5kW, 4.2lpm, Split FLow, 120L Custom HPU
  • 25T, 18″ IHS Mono Stressing Jacks

Also Includes:

  • Various IHS Strand Anchors
  • NATA Force Calibration
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Custom Multi Strand Jack & Hydraulic Power Unit

IHS 5.5kW Hydraulic Power Unit

Delivery ready for one of our pre-stressing customers. Custom designed and manufactured to meet their specific requirements.

Custom IHS-CH-0630-08-DA

  • 630T Capacity
  • 690 bar Working pressure
  • 206mm Stroke
  • Ø230mm Centre hole
  • 33 x 0.6” Strand battery set including – Nose, shaker plate, tube bundle, back block
  • Chrome plated multi-strand wedges
  • NATA Force calibration

Custom Hydraulic Power Unit

  • 5.5kW/415V
  • 700 bar
  • 3.2lpm
  • 100l Reservoir
  • Pendant control
  • Calibrated gauge
  • Castor wheels