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Tilt Table Cylinders

Tilt Table Cylinder

Tilt Table Cylinders assembled, tested and painted ready for delivery. IHS designed these cylinders to suit a very specific application with variable forces and limited space taken into consideration.

Cylinder Details

  • Quantity – 6
  • Double acting, hydraulic return
  • Ø160mm Bore
  • Ø100mm Rod –  hard chrome plated
  • 3200mm Stroke
  • 110 bar Working pressure
  • 22.6T Extension force
  • 13.7 Retraction force
  • External linear transducer providing constant feedback
  • Spherical bearing at both ends
  • Manifold block fitted with an accumulator, directional control valves, pressure relief valves, flow control valves, pressure transducers, pressure gauge point & test points

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