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Wales House Cupola Lift – Sydney

Wales House Cupola Lift

In 1999 a development was planned for the historically significant Wales House building in Sydney. An extra floor was required which meant the 915T cupola needed to be raised 3.9m. Since dismantling the cupola was nut possible the decision was made to raise the cupola via the use of hydraulics. The cupola was raised and supported 1.3m a night over three nights.

We designed and manufactured 12 hydraulic cylinders, a hydraulic power unit and a control panel to achieve this engineering feat.

Cylinder Details

  • Quantity – 12
  • Capacity of 145T @ 283 bar
  • 1400mm stroke
  • Spherical load cap
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Load holding valve

Hydraulic Power Unit Details

  • 3 phase / 415 V
  • 11kW
  • 12 way split flow pump
  • 1.2 lpm per outlet
  • 480 litre reservoir

Control Panel Details

  • 12 Pressure gauges
  • 12 Directional control valves
  • 6 Digital position readouts (Linked to rotary transducers)