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Tilt Table Cylinders

Tilt Table Cylinder

Tilt Table Cylinders assembled, tested and painted ready for delivery. IHS designed these cylinders to suit a very specific application with variable forces and limited space taken into consideration.

Cylinder Details

  • Quantity – 6
  • Double acting, hydraulic return
  • Ø160mm Bore
  • Ø100mm Rod –  hard chrome plated
  • 3200mm Stroke
  • 110 bar Working pressure
  • 22.6T Extension force
  • 13.7 Retraction force
  • External linear transducer providing constant feedback
  • Spherical bearing at both ends
  • Manifold block fitted with an accumulator, directional control valves, pressure relief valves, flow control valves, pressure transducers, pressure gauge point & test points

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PSV Test Bench – Long Island Point, Hastings

PSV Test Bench

This purpose built test bench was engineered to meet the clients exact requirements. IHS manufactured, assembled, delivered and commissioned the unit.

Designed to with two PSV test stations to suit ANSI flange valves and 3/4″ NPT Valves, with a maximum test pressure of 12,500kPa.

The test bench incorporates the following features.

  • Two 50L high pressure storage vessels
  • Eight separate pressure gauges to suit a wide range of tests
  • Mechanically adjustable clamping arms
  • Hydraulic clamping force
  • Hydraulically intensified air pressure
  • 12mm Polycarbonate shields
  • PLC Control system
  • 250kg Davit arm crane

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Port Miami Tunnel Project


The Port Miami Tunnel Project formed two 1.2km, 2 lane tunnels to form an alternative link to Dodge Island via the MacArthur Causeway on Watson Island.

IHS supplied eight 300T double acting safe rams to facilitate the lifting of the 13.1m diameter tunnel boring machines. Via the use of internal porting we were able to design these rams with 150mm stroke and only 430mm closed height. Continue reading Port Miami Tunnel Project

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Urban Superway Project – Adelaide

IHS Major Project - Urban Superway

IHS were contracted to design, manufacture and supply a wide range of custom cylinders, power units and hydraulic accessories for the Urban Superway Project in Adelaide, South Australia.

Cylinder Details


  • Quantity supplied – 10
  • Single acting, load return
  • 100T Capacity
  • 690 bar Operating pressure
  • 75mm Stroke
  • Ø50mm Centre hole

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