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700L/60MPa Pressure Vessel

60 MPa Pressure Vessel

Custom designed pressure vessel with press cylinder incorporated. Also included a split system hydraulic power unit, Intensifier and Tie Rod Tension Cylinder.

Pressure Vessel

  • 60 MPa Pressure rating
  • 0-100°C Operating temperature
  • 700 litre Capacity
  • Ø800mm Inside diameter

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • 4kW / 2.3 lpm / 600 bar High pressure / Low flow
  • 1.1kW / 25 lpm / 3 bar Low pressure / High flow
  • 1000 litre Reservoir

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700T & 600T Stress Bed System

IHS Stress Bed System

McMillan Engineering Group designed & manufactured this complete Stress Bed System to meet the customers unique specifications. To increase the efficiency of the system the client requested that the lock rings for the double acting safe rams be mechanically operated. This allowed the client to operate the system without having to have an operator manually lock off the rams for each stress.


  • Quantity – 2
  • 710T @ 700 bar
  • 450mm Stroke
  • Ø356mm Bore
  • Ø292mm Rod
  • Spherical load cap
  • Mechanically operated lock ring
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Pilot operated check valve
  • NATA Calibration

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